07 julho 2006

Busca-se um diretor para o Brazil Institute, Washington

O Woodrow Wilson Center em Washington está divulgando o seguinte anúncio:

Director, Brazil Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington DC
CLOSING DATE: July 27, 2006
$77,353 - $100,554 per annum

DUTIES: The purpose of this position is to provide intellectual and administrative leadership to an international program of scholarly research, publication, and outreach activities on Brazil. Major duties include, but are not limited to: 1) organizing conferences, seminars, and dialogues on a broad range of political, economic, and cultural issues in Brazil and on the U.S.-Brazilian relationship; 2) management of and responsibility for all program activities; 3) fund-raising for support of Brazil Institute activities and administrative expenses, including project staff; 4) budget preparation and submission for the Program's grants and/or contracts (both federal and private funding sources); 5) supervising and contributing to the writing and development/editing of all Program meeting publications, public announcements, and book publications; 6) working in cooperation with the Fellowship Office to administer an international fellowship competition; 7) working with colleagues to sustain the programs of the Wilson Center and the Latin American Program as a whole; 8) maintaining a professional relationship with all groups (domestic and international) in the fields of Latin American studies and Brazilian studies; and 9) continuing personal research and writing on various aspects of Brazilian politics, economics, international relations, and U.S.-Brazilian relations.

QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates must have a minimum of 5 years of general experience in research and other professional work, and an additional 4 years of specialized experience directly related to the duties described above; Ph.D. in the social sciences with an emphasis on the study of Brazil; or equivalent professional experience; Language facility in English and Portuguese.

For more information and complete job announcement (INCLUDING SPECIALIZED QUALIFICATIONS AND REQUIREMENTES), please visit:

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